How to get to Wat Suthat

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About Wat Suthat

Located in Bangkok, Suthep Temple is a national temple of Thailand, covering an area of 10 acres and one of the oldest and largest temples in Thailand, taking 40 years to complete. Construction of the temple began in 1807 under Rama I. The temple was beautifully carved with frescoes under Rama II and was not completed until Rama III, in 1847.

Surthai Temple is surrounded by a 949-meter-long wall and is known for its beautiful roof contours, huge Buddha statues, magnificent frescoes and huge swings. Inside is a 26-foot-tall statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, brought from Sukhothai Province, shining in gold and splendor. The magnificent murals inside the temple can reach 2,565 square meters, the largest and most important in Thailand. According to art historians the murals inside the temple belong to a transitional style, different from traditional murals and clearly influenced by Western countries, with intricate and colorful images.

Outside the Suthep temple, there is a huge red swing, unfortunately the swing was banned at the time of Rama VII, and now there is only an empty red frame.

How to get there

Address: 146 Bamrung Muang Rd., Bangkok 10200
Business hours: 8:30-17:00 (the main hall and chapel are open until 16:00)
Fee: 20 Baht for admission


Although Wat Suthat is not the main tourist attraction, there are many things to see, such as Buddha statues and giant swings.

It is one of the most historic temples in Thailand, built by King Rama I and where King Rama VIII was enshrined.

Please learn about the sights in advance and have an enjoyable trip to Thailand.

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