How to get to Golden Mount Temple Wat Saket

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About Golden Mount Temple

Wat Saket is located on a man-made hill in Bangkok, known as the “Golden Mountain”, a famous Buddhist temple in Thailand, built during the reign of King Rama I of the Bangkok Dynasty and repaired by King Rama II. After the accession of King Rama IV, the Golden Mountain was added and a path was set up to reach the top of the mountain. A pagoda was built at the top of the hill, and the height from the foot of the hill to the tip of the pagoda was 63 meters. The construction of the pagoda was delayed until the reign of Rama V was completed. Inside the pagoda is the relic of Buddha Shakyamuni, whose bones were said to have been found in an ancient pagoda in India, near Nepal, in 1868. A large seated Buddha, the largest bronze Buddha in Thailand, is enshrined in the main hall of the temple. Behind the seated Buddha are Buddhist murals. Every year at the end of November, a Buddhist ritual is held here, and devotees from all over the country flock to attend, making it a lively event.

How to get there

The nearest station is SamYot (Sam Yot) station

It is possible to walk 13 minutes from the station, but it is safer to take a tuk-tuk at night because the streets are a little dark.


Every year, Wat Saket holds a big festival around the time of Loi Krathong, one of the most famous lantern floating festivals in Thailand.

The name of the festival is “Golden Mount Temple Fair”.

This is the most exciting time of the year for this normally quiet temple.

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