How to get to Wat Phra Kaew

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About Wat Phra keaw

Wat Phra KaewTemple, built in 1782, is located in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and is a Buddhist shrine within Thailand, considered one of the three great Buddhist temples of Thailand.

Wat Phra Kaew enshrined in the temple is carved from a single block of wall jade, about 66 centimeters high and 48 centimeters wide, protected by glass and covered by a multi-layered waffle with a very high base. The Jade Buddha is honored by the royal family by changing the Jade Buddha into different court dresses three seasons a year. Around the Jade Buddha are four other golden Buddhas, and the main temple has a fresco of the story of Sakyamuni Buddha from birth to nirvana. The main hall where the Jade Buddha is enshrined has 40 quadrangular pillars and is decorated with 112 golden statues of bird-shaped figures under the corridor. All the buildings in the temple are decorated with raised white marble plinths and colorful mosaics. To the north of the main hall, there are three pagodas, the pure Thai-style cloister, the Ceylonese golden relic pagoda and the Khmer-style royal clan temple.

The outer walls of the Jade Buddha Temple are white and relatively simple, while the inner walls are painted with scenes from the Thai version of the Ramayana epic and Ramakien mythology.

The tour begins at the north gate of the temple and proceeds in a clockwise direction to view the 178 murals, most of which are illustrated in Thai, and several large statues of major deities from this mythology are also located in the temple.

How to get there

By cab or boat (disembark at Tha Chang port if using boat)


Clothing is checked before entering the palace, and both men and women are not allowed to wear revealing clothes (free rental clothes are available). (Free rental clothes are available.) When visiting the palace, please be careful not only with your clothing but also with your shoes.
At the same time, there are often scammers in this area who will take you to other tourist attractions, saying things like, “The Royal Palace is closed today. If you are going alone, you need to be especially careful.
The buildings made of rich gold and the pictorial tales painted in the corridors are worth seeing.
Entrance fee: 500 Baht

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ワット・プラ・ケオ | 【公式】タイ国政府観光庁
【公式】ワット・プラ・ケオ Wat Phra Kaew。タイ国政府観光庁日本事務所が提供するタイ観光案内サイト。タイ国の基本情報や旅行の基礎知識の案内をはじめ、観光施設、宿泊施設、グルメ、イベント、買い物施設検索などもできます。

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