How to get to Maeklong Railway Market

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When you think of markets in Thailand, the first thing that comes to mind is Thailand’s floating markets, where you can enjoy not only the beauty but also the food on the water. In addition to the colorful floating markets, Thailand also has a thrilling railway market.

The railway market is located about 80 kilometers west of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and when it comes to this, you can’t help but think who would risk their lives to set up a stall on the train tracks, and who would dare to buy anything on the train tracks! But there is such a group of people who exist and make you admire them. The stalls at the Mekong Railway Market are set up on the railway tracks, and when the train comes, the awning is removed to make way for the train to pass, and then the stalls are set up. The people who set up stalls here know when the train is coming, and when the train is about to come, suddenly all the stalls start to put things on the track to collect, everyone collects things quickly and sharply, this is after years of exercise out of speed, ordinary people really can not do.

When the train whistles by, the hawkers will be the fastest speed to put the items up and continue to buy and sell, it is like playing a movie, the speed of the speed, so that every visitor to this place are incredible, while the hawkers praise.

How to get there

The Mae Klong Railway Market can be reached by car (private car, rental car, cab, etc.), lotto (small bus), train, or tour. The train is also a popular way to see the Mae Klong Railway Market from the train. (In case of train, you cannot go directly from Bangkok, so you have to make a connection.)
This time I went to Mae Klong Railway Market by private car. As usual, parking lots are very crowded during the hours before and after the trains pass by. There is a parking lot near Mae Klong station, but it fills up quickly and the surrounding streets become jammed. I always use a parking lot a little further away from the station. It takes about 5 minutes to Mae Klong Railway Market on foot.


The movement of the market people and the proximity to the train at the Mae Klong Railway Market is … unimaginable. I think it is almost impossible to see it even worldwide, as it is called a rare sight in the world.

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