How to get to Thai Aquarium

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About Thai Aquarium

The Thai Aquarium is located 80 kilometers from Bangkok in the Thai Science Center at Camarines Vellos University in Bangsam, Thailand. In the lobby of the aquarium, there is a 10-meter-long skeleton of a large sea whale, which was stripped in 1975 after swimming to its death on a beach not far from the aquarium.

In the hall there are several cylindrical Plexiglas tanks of about 1 meter in diameter, in which a representative variety of different tropical marine creatures are raised, and their shapes are several times larger than themselves when viewed from all around. The museum also has more than 40 glass rooms, the largest can hold 200 tons of water, the smallest can also hold half a ton of water. The glass room simulates the natural environment of the ocean, people can see the strange rocky bottom, colorful coral reefs, and even ancient underwater shipwrecks and hundreds of different types of marine life such as coelenterates, mollusks, arthropods, echinoderms and vertebrates, among which there are most fish, both a variety of edible fish, there are also strange shapes of ornamental fish and poisonous fish.

How to get there

The location is 80 kilometers from Bangkok, inside the Thai Science Center at Camino de Viro University in Preah Vihear, about 50 minutes by car rental from Pattaya for about 400 baht.


Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:30.

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