How to get to Phra Pathommachedi

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Nakhon Pathom
About Phra Pathommachedi

Located in the capital city of Phra Thong, Phra Thong is 127 meters tall, the tallest pagoda in the world, and the official symbol of Phra Thong Province. The spiral-shaped spire is 40 meters high, the circular base is 57 meters in diameter, and the base of the pagoda is a huge two-level platform.

Built in 1853 during the reign of King Rama IV, the current Phra-Thong Pagoda features a spectacular top-down inverted clock form. The sacred stupa houses the relics of the Buddha, which are still well preserved, although the Great Pagoda has been rebuilt and renovated several times. The bronze cast golden standing Buddha statue enshrined in the center of the Great Pagoda is one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand, in addition to a huge statue of the Buddha lying halfway down with brilliant gold coins, which is very popular. These two Buddha statues are the object of much worship, and everyone who comes to the Phra Thong Grand Pagoda comes in to pay their respects.

How to get there
Buddha Tong is located 64 km west of Bangkok and can be reached by both long distance bus and train.
Long distance bus
1. The Southern Bus Terminal on Boromrajajonnani Road in Bangkok has two routes to Buddhist monasteries. The old route is Bangkok-AomYai-SamPhran-Buddhist City and the new route is Bangkok-Buddhist City-Nakhonchai-Buddhist City. 997 and 83 operate the above routes. The new route is Bangkok-Buddhist City-Nakhonchai-Buddhist Kingdom.
2. From Bangkok’s Victory Monument, take a minibus that departs when full.
All trains on the Southern Railway Line from Bangkok stop at Buddha Tong Station and the journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are two trains in the morning, departing at 8:05am and 9:20am respectively. In the afternoon, there are two trains back to Bangkok via Phra Thang, departing at 16:59 and 18:15 respectively.

If you happen to come across an “alms-giving” event at the temple, there will be many bowls set up where visitors can exchange 20-100 baht of change, each change is 5 cents and 100 baht can be exchanged for 200 coins, so you can throw the change into the bowl while praying for good luck.
There is also a small museum next to the pagoda, which is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00, with a large number of Dara Bowl sculptures and old sailing ships, so if you have enough time, you can take a tour.

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