How to get to Gem and Jewelry Museum

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About Gem and Jewelry Museum

The Museum of Jewels and Gems, located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was opened in 2004 with the aim of educating the younger generation about jewelry and the potential value of jewels and gems, and also as a place to preserve jewels and gems in advance for future generations.

The moment you step into the museum, you will be enveloped by the beauty of the jewels, and being in a museum full of gems, you seem to become a precious gemstone yourself, shining in a big way. The museum is divided into eight sections: the origin and mining of Thai gems, different grades of jewelry, diamonds, synthetic gems, fashion jewelry, precious metals, precious jewelry and gold processing, platinum and silver jewelry, and crystal jewelry, in addition to exhibits related to diamonds and artificial gems.

The Museum of Jewelry and Gems also has an exhibition of related equipment for making jewelry and gems, allowing visitors to learn about the process of finding and making gems, as well as learning about how jewelry is cut and graded.

How to get there

140, 140/1-3, 140/5 ITF – Tower Building. 1st – 4th and 6th Floor, Silom Road Suriyawong,

Bangkok Thailand Area: Silom

Directions Surasak- 8 min walk


Entrance fee for foreigners is 200 B. Photography is not allowed. The entrance is closed, so you have to contact the guard and ask the staff to open it. A museum about gemstones, including their formation, types, processing methods, etc. The museum is not very big, and I thought 200B was expensive. It is not so big and I thought 200B was expensive.

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Gem and Jewelry Museum, Silom
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