How to get to The Bottle Museum

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Chonburi /Pattaya
About The Bottle Museum

Located in the north of Pattaya, the Glass Bottle Art Museum has become one of the most popular museums in Pattaya and the only glass bottle art museum in the world, founded by Mr. Bij De Leji, a Dutch national, although the museum is not very big, it is famous worldwide for its uniqueness.

The museum exhibits many models of Thai traditional building and temple architecture, such as Bangkok’s Jade Buddha Temple, Dawn Temple, Ling Shi Temple, Victory Memorial Hall, Democratic Constitution Memorial Hall, and Thai temples, etc. What is incredible is that these models are put in bottles, which are made by pinching small pieces of model building materials, stuffing them through the tiny bottle mouth, and then building the patterns inside the bottles, which look decent in size and fine in perfection. . Mr. Biggidere is a dwarf, he used his own hands to achieve a great cause, the museum exhibits a total of more than 300 pieces of such exquisite architecture in a bottle, it took nearly five years to complete, each piece is his life’s work, is the crystallization of years of hard work and wisdom, let people admire him.

How to get there

The Bottle Art Museum is located in Kingston Park College, opposite Mini Siam on Sukhumvit Road, Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province.
Open daily 8:00-17:00 Admission fee 200 Baht for adults, 100 Baht for children.
Tel. +66-(0)38-422-957


The small Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya exhibits art that requires a great deal of effort to create.

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