Pattaya Park Tower. This observation deck allows visitors to enjoy tower jumping from a height of 170 meters.

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Chonburi /Pattaya

About Pattaya Park

Pattaya Park Tower is the highest observatory in Pattaya, located in front of Jomtien Beach, about 4 km from Pattaya Beach (about 10 minutes by car).

It is not only an observatory where you can view the scenery from a high point, but also an amusement park and water park where you can enjoy jumping the tower as shown in the photo above.

The amusement park and water park have many attractions for children, making it a recommended destination for family tourists.

The observatory also offers a dinner buffet, which is just right for those who want to dine at a restaurant with a beautiful night view.

In this article, we will introduce all the activities you can enjoy at Pattaya Park Tower and how to get to Pattaya Park Tower.

All of the activities can be enjoyed for about 100 to 400 baht, so it does not cost that much. If you are interested in these activities, why don’t you visit Pattaya Park Tower?

Things to do at Pattaya Park Tower

At Pattaya Park Tower, you can enjoy the following at the tower and attractions located on the site.

Things to do at the tower, available hours and fees

Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle, Sky Shuttle (weekdays 10:00-18:00, weekends and holidays 10:00-18:30) (400 Baht each)
Observation deck access (weekdays 9:00-19:00, weekends and holidays 9:00-21:00) (200 Baht)
Lunch and dinner buffet at the observation deck (lunch 11:00-15:00, dinner 17:00-22:00) (600 Baht for foreigners / 400 Baht for Thais)

Attractions attached to the site, available hours and fees

Monorail (10:30-18:40) (150 baht)
Amusement park (10:00-19:00) (100 Baht per ride)
Water Park (9:00-18:00) (100 Baht)

Pattaya Park Tower Official Website

Tickets are required for each activity

To enjoy each activity, you must purchase a ticket at the ticket booth on the first floor of the tower.

The prices for each activity are as mentioned above, but for the amusement park, there is also a package ticket that allows you to enjoy 5 rides for only 300 baht.

If you are traveling with children and plan to enjoy multiple rides, purchasing a package ticket is a good deal.

Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle, Sky Shuttle

Three activities are available: descending from the rooftop of Pattaya Park Tower (170 meters above the ground) via a wire.

The Tower Jump, where you descend with only a lifeline, is especially popular and thrilling.

The activity is cancelled on windy or rainy days.

Tower jumps

This activity involves descending from 170 meters above the ground in a single bound, while hanging from a wire with your body secured by a lifeline.

Since the speed is not so high, you will not feel the same fear as bungee jumping. However, when you look down, you will feel the height of the water and feel your feet sinking.

At 170 meters, it is about the same height as the Marunouchi Building or the Umeda Sky Building. Surprisingly, however, no one was screaming as they descended.

The descent was frustrating, as your legs kept sagging as you descended with your torso suspended in mid-air.

It is a very thrilling descent. And the price is only 400 baht, which is a great deal. It is a must-do activity when you come to Pattaya Park Tower.

There is a weight limit on the tower jump.

It is important to note that only people with a minimum weight of 45 kg and a maximum weight of 115 kg are allowed to ride.


This is an activity in which two people ride down in a basket.

Since two people can ride together, many couples and friends were using this activity.

It is a good place to take pictures in the air because your hands are free. However, be careful not to accidentally drop your camera.

sky shuttle

This activity involves a gondola ride downhill.

It is not very fresh as it seems to be available in Japanese amusement parks, but it is good for family travelers such as those with children.

The maximum number of passengers is 8.

Outlook Desk Utilization

It is possible to use only the observation deck on the top 55th floor.

If you use only the observation deck, you will receive one drink (orange juice or coffee).

The view from the 55th floor is quite spectacular, but if you are going to go to the observatory, you may want to enjoy some activities as well.

The telescope is available at the observatory for 10 baht per use.

Dinner buffet at a restaurant with a beautiful night view

Pattaya Park Tower also offers a lunch buffet, but I personally recommend the dinner buffet.

Especially right after sunset, around 18:00, the view is more beautiful than at night, as the sky begins to take on a red gradation and the silhouette of the ocean is still clearly visible.

Even more wonderful is the fact that the seats in the dinner venue always rotate 360 degrees, although the speed is not noticeable unless you are consciously aware of it.

The speed of the rotation is so fast that you really have to be well aware of it to notice it, so you won’t feel sick.

No matter where you sit, you can enjoy the night view from all angles. It is interesting to notice that the view has changed from what you were looking at earlier.

The buffet consists mainly of Thai food, but also includes Chinese, Western, and a little sushi.

Seafood is especially abundant, and all the dishes are prepared for foreigners, so they are not spicy.

There is also a wide selection of desserts, which I personally found very satisfying.

Incidentally, alcohol is charged separately. A bottle of Singha beer costs from 70 baht.

Monorail, amusement park, water park

The monorail circles the site.

There are no unusual features, but families and couples will enjoy it.

There is a point along the way where you can see the refreshing Jomtien Beach.

Amusement park

The amusement park is equipped with several standard rides such as merry-go-rounds and roller coasters.

The rides themselves are not powerful due to the small scale. It is best to think of it as something for families to let their children play on.

water park

There are areas where waves rise and water slides are set up, which are satisfying in their own way. In Thailand, where it is hot every day, these water parks are more pleasant than in Japan.

The scale is not that big, but both children and adults can relax together.

Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit for the water slides.

In case you forget your swimsuit, you can buy it at the store, but there are not many kinds of swimsuits. Be careful, as you may end up buying a tacky bathing suit.

Pattaya Park Beach Resort

The Pattaya Park Tower property is also home to a hotel, the Pattaya Park Beach Resort.

The balcony overlooks Jomtien Beach and the entire Pattaya Park Tower property.

The hotel is equipped with a safety deposit box, refrigerator, baggage rack, and all other hotel necessities.

Bathroom with bathtub. The partition of the bathtub is a curtain like in business hotels. Both the temperature and volume of the hot water are good and generally satisfactory.

80% of the clientele were Russian Caucasians with their families, and there were no annoying groups or noisy people.

There were one or two hotel staff members who had difficulty communicating in English, but most of the staff speaks travel English, so there is no particular inconvenience.

If you want to enjoy your trip to Pattaya with a focus on Jomtien Beach, you will have a pleasant stay.

How to get to Pattaya Park Tower

There are two ways to get to Pattaya Park Tower from the Pattaya Beach area

By Songtaew (10 Baht) + walking (about 1 km)
By cab, motorcycle cab, or songtaew instead of cab (about 150 baht each)

Below is a Google map from Pattaya Beach area to Pattaya Park Tower.

The easiest way to get there is to take a cab, motorcycle cab, or songtaew instead of a cab.

The fare is about 150 baht one way, so it is not that expensive.

If there is more than one person, you can split the cost of a songtaew or cab.

If you really want to save money on transportation, you can use a combination of the songtaew and walking, as described below. A total of 10 baht one way should be enough.

Touring Song Taew + access on foot

First, go to the Song Taew bus stop that goes in the direction of Pattaya Park Tower.

(The Songtaew stop is located across Second Road from the Walking Street entrance.

Note that the Songtaew will take you close to Pattaya Park Tower, but it does not stop in front of the tower.

Therefore, you will need to ring the bell and get off the bus yourself when you get closest to Pattaya Park Tower.

However, if you are a first-time visitor to Pattaya, you may not be able to tell where you are just from the scenery.

Therefore, it is recommended to frequently check your current location using the GPS function of Google Maps!

When you come to the following point on the Songteu, ring the bell and get off the bus. The fare is 10 baht.

After getting off the bus, walk about 1 km along the road painted in brown on the map (Thap Phraya 12) until you reach Pattaya Park Tower.

How to return from Pattaya Park Tower toward Pattaya Beach

To return toward Pattaya Beach, simply catch a Song Taew from the Song Taew drop-off point mentioned above, this time running toward Pattaya Beach.

It is a good idea to frequently check your current location on Google Maps, just as you did on the way there.

Alternatively, there is a minibus stop on the grounds of Pattaya Park Tower.

If you use the onsite minibus, the fare to Pattaya Beach and Walking Street neighborhood is 200 baht.

It is more expensive than the traveling songtaew, but if you split the fare among several people, it will not be that expensive.

Every man would like to try tower jumping at least once.

The highlight of Pattaya Park Tower is the tower jump.

It is not as hard as bungee jumping because it does not look as scary as bungee jumping. However, I think it is a good activity because you can enjoy the thrill of jumping.

There were many women jumping the tower, so why don’t you give it a try?

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