Attractions of the Pattaya “Tiffany’s Show” and how to book tickets.

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Chonburi /Pattaya

About Tiffany’s Show

In cities that attract tourists such as Pattaya and Bangkok, there are several theaters that offer transsexual shows.

As the name implies, transsexual shows feature actors who are former men (transsexuals or transgendered) dancing on stage to music.

As described in “Transsexualism in Thailand,” more than 300,000 transsexuals (ladyboys) in Thailand can be seen in theaters and various other places where they are accepted with little resistance.

The Tiffany’s Show features transsexuals in colorful costumes dancing expressively to music on a stage with a gorgeous setting.

It is similar to the Takarazuka Theater in Japan. The show is centered around singing (although the words are lip-synched) and dancing.

However, what is different from Takarazuka is that the audience is able to experience the fun of the show only when they see it with the colored glasses of “being a transsexual” on.

You will be amazed at the worldview expressed by the innocent and lovely female performers, the racy male performers, and the transsexuals who have a strong presence.

After the show, you can take a commemorative photo with the performers. It will be a memorable experience.

Tiffany’s, a transsexual show in Pattaya

Tiffany’s Show is a transsexual cabaret show located near Soi 1 on Pattaya Beach Second Road.

Tiffany’s Show has received an award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a “40-year-old family-friendly transsexual entertainment show” and was ranked 4th in the “Top 10 Shows in the World (2001)” by an overseas travel magazine called Travelcom Magazine.

In addition to the above achievements, Tiffany’s Show also holds the “Miss International Queen” beauty pageant, a transsexual beauty pageant held annually in October and November.

The theater has a large number of seats and customers for a transsexual show that has received worldwide acclaim, so I went to the theater with high expectations.

The stage sets and world view change to the point of boredom. The highlight is the expressions and beauty of the performers.

The total performance time of the transsexual show is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There are a total of 15 chapters of 5 to 10 minute scenes, with the stage set and dancers’ costumes changing with each chapter.

Each chapter has a different worldview, with some scenes imitating traditional Thai dance and others imitating traditional foreign cultures such as Korean and Indian.

Basically, the dancers dance to Western music and traditional music of various countries while lip-synching to the songs.

Some scenes are based on the lyrics of Western music, so those who can understand English will enjoy the show more, but the highlight of the show is not the storyline, so you can enjoy it even if you don’t understand it.

I think men might once look at a cute girl and have a silly fantasy about whether they can go out with her or sleep with her, but I can totally see it from the audience’s seats.

In fact, I would rather ask them to do so. It is that beautiful.

Also, the smallest details such as props and stage sets are well made, and the production is a wonderful way to create a world view.

I enjoyed the show while thinking about these things, and the show ended when I thought, “I’m getting tired of it.

The show was well designed so that the audience could enjoy the show without getting bored.

Be careful about tipping when taking pictures with the performers after the show.

After the show, the performers line up outside the venue for a photo opportunity.

When taking pictures, it is customary for the audience to tip the performers who took the pictures.

The fee for the photo shoot is 100 baht per dancer. There is no need to pay more than this.

However, some of the less prominent performers who are not the lead performers may say outrageous things such as “1,000 baht for a photo tip.

The performers who play the lead roles must be earning enough tips because one after another customers ask for photos.

However, less conspicuous performers do not ask for many photos, so they will offer you 1,000 baht for a photo, thinking that they will “make a profit if they get it”.

When I took a picture with a less conspicuous performer, he asked for 1,000 baht, and when I refused, he pretended not to return my phone, which was a bit troublesome.

I managed to give him only 100 baht and got my phone back, but at the end he clicked his tongue and said, “Tsk,” ruining my feeling of being immersed in the afterglow of a wonderful show.

When taking pictures with less conspicuous performers other than the stars of the show, be aware that this can happen.

How to book discount tickets to Tiffany’s Show

Tickets for Tiffany’s Show are priced according to seating location as follows

VIP GOLD / 1,600 Baht (about 5,800 yen)
VIP / 1,300 Baht (about 4,720 yen)
MEZZANINE / 900 Baht (about 3,270 yen)

We recommend VIP Gold seats or the front rows of VIP seats (up to the third row from the front).

You will be able to see the performers’ expressions and the details of the stage set.

Tickets can be purchased on the day of the show at the reception desk located at the entrance of Tiffany’s Show, but we recommend that you make a reservation in advance at one of the travel agencies listed below.

However, it is recommended to make reservations in advance at the travel agencies listed below, because you can purchase tickets at a lower price than the regular price listed above.

Purchase discount tickets

If you know you are going to see a Tiffany’s show in Pattaya, it is best to make a reservation in advance in Japan.

Performance time (3 times a day)

Tiffany’s Show performance times (3 times daily as follows)
17:30 –
19:00 –
20:30 –

For more information, please refer to the official website of Tiffany’s Show.

Tiffany's Show Pattaya

Directions and Location of Tiffany’s Show

Tiffany’s Show is located near Second Road Soi1 in Pattaya Beach.

You can get to Tiffany’s Show for 10 baht by taking a running songtaew out to Second Road in Pattaya.

(Songtaew in Pattaya go round and round on Beach Road and Second Road. Go to Second Road to catch a songtaew)

Pattaya’s gay show is worth seeing

Before actually seeing the show, I was skeptical, wondering if it would really be fun. But, as expected of a show that has received worldwide acclaim, the level of perfection is high.

I think that people who tend to look at transsexuals with a jaundiced eye can enjoy this show.

It is a wholesome show without any obscene scenes, so it can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

When you take pictures with the performers, it is interesting to discover things that you would not notice from the audience seats, such as “surprisingly, only the voice is male,” “when you look closely, the outline is angular and the face is male,” “the shoulders are broad,” and so on.

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