How to get to Chitralada Royal Villa

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Chittarada Palace is located in the Raksit district of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and was the residence of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit in Bangkok. King Bhumibol was the first king of the Chakri dynasty to live in Chittarada Palace, having moved there after the death of his elder brother Rama VIII at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Chittarada Palace covers a total area of 4 square kilometers, surrounded by a moat, and the main building is a two-story structure built by Rama VI. The Chittarada School, established in 1958 for the royal children, is the most prestigious school in Thailand. Because of the king’s interest in agriculture, the palace has rice fields, a mill, a fish pond and a dairy farm, as well as an agricultural research center that provides training for farmers, and many of the products of Chittarada Palace are named ‘Chittarada’ brand. Visitors can enter and visit the palace after obtaining a pass.

How to get there

71 Rama 5 Rd., Bangkok Thailand


This Chitradar Palace is located in the Dusit district, north of the old town. It is also on the west side of the railroad line in that district. It is a vast site. There is a moat. You cannot enter inside. The wall inside the moat is made with an ingenious security system. This is now the residence of the royal family.

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