How to get to Victory Monument

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About Victory Monument

The Victory Monument is located at the junction of Phi Yai Thai Road, Phrae Phong Yuting Road, Ratchaweti Road and Ling Road in Bangkok’s Rakti district and has been standing here since 1941. It is a military monument built to commemorate the Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War and is now a prominent landmark.

The Victory Monument was built in 1941 to pay tribute to the souls of those who died in the war, which resulted in numerous encounters between Thai and French forces during the border battle with French Indochina in 1940. The monument is Western in style, with a central obelisk of Egyptian origin, often used for war architecture in Europe and the Americas, in the shape of both a military sword and a bayonet, demonstrating unlimited power. Surrounding the obelisk are five bronze statues representing the army, navy, air force, police and civilian personnel.

The Victory Monument has become the most familiar landmark in Thailand. The monument is surrounded by a huge square with a traffic station. At night, the Victory Monument also looks particularly beautiful under the bright lights.

How to get there

Get off at Victory Monument BTS station from the ticket gate in the direction of Exit 3 or 4. Walk straight down the Skywalk to the center of the roundabout.


Built in 1941, this memorial tower commemorates the Thai soldiers who died in the 1940 Thai-French Indochina War.
With a roundabout surrounding the tower, the BTS running along the roundabout, and many buses and long-distance wagons passing through, it can be said to be Bangkok’s largest transportation hub. The area is also crowded with pedestrians and is surrounded by shopping centers, apartment buildings, and street stalls for the common people.

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