How to get to Wat Ratchabophit

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About Wat Ratchabophit

Wat Ratchabophit is a Buddhist temple located in Bangkok, near the Grand Palace, built during the reign of King Rama V. The exterior is built in traditional Thai architecture and the interior is decorated in Western European architecture.

The layout of the Wat Ratchabophit temple is unique, with a prayer hall, an abbey hall and a circular courtyard connecting the two halls. In the middle of the courtyard stands the golden stupa in Sri Lankan style with orange tiles glued to the top and bottom, which is very magnificent and houses the Buddha’s teeth inside. The interior of the monastery is decorated in Italian style, which originated from Rama V’s European tour. The main hall’s door is 3 meters high and decorated with mother-of-pearl, the walls are covered with tiles from China, the window frames are inlaid with ivory decorations, and the interior is hung with crystal chandeliers, which is very luxurious. The drum tower of the monastery has two floors and is decorated with the head of Naga made of ceramic.

Wat Ratchabophit is a perfect blend of Thai and European cultures and can be called a fine piece of art among Buddhist monasteries and is well worth visiting.

How to get there

Wat Ratchabophit is located in Old Bangkok, about an 8-minute walk from the Samyot MRT station.

Check here for the map.


There is no charge for admission, so enter the temple grounds through the open door. It is gratifying to know that such a beautiful temple can be viewed for free.

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