How to get to Patong Beach

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About Patong Beach

There is a famous bar street in Padang Beach, where dozens of cafes, bars and hotels of different styles, mainly European and American, are located on a small street of less than 1,000 meters, permeated with the atmosphere of South Asian beaches.

Order a bottle of beer and sit with countless European and American tourists in the bar with flashing lights, you will be infected by the atmosphere of the scene. In addition, Patong has a world-class theme park called “Fantasia”. With thousands of people dining at the same time, the most luxuriously decorated “Big Mac” restaurant and the world-class theme show – Elephant Palace, every night there is a perfect combination of high-tech and Thai culture of large-scale song and dance performances. The show is a perfect combination of high-tech and Thai culture.

Swimming, sunbathing, banana boats, windsurfing, yachting and other marine activities are all available here.

How to get there

From the city center, you can take TUK-TUK, about 300 baht; or take a bus, the starting point is on Ranong Road in Phuket Town (opposite to the airport), passing through several major beaches, you can stop and get on every half hour, operating hours are 7:00am-18:00am, the fare is 15-20 baht; if you take a cab from Phuket Airport, it is about 600 strains, 45 minutes to 1 hour to arrive.


If visitors want to experience a lively nightlife, they can go to the BanglaRoad area. There are many open-air bars that stay open until around 2:00 pm.

There are many stalls on La Yuan Tito Street that are open from late afternoon until late at night. In this area, there are over 100 various bars and disco clubs. The more famous ones here are TigerDisco and BananaDisco, with the latter being more popular among young people.

There are both rowdy beer bars and more sophisticated cocktail bars, as well as bars such as Saxophone and RockCity with live bands, and SimonCabaret and Muay Thai gyms famous for their siren shows.

After the tsunami.

In Patong, the trauma of the tsunami is no longer visible and everything is back to normal. However, on December 26 each year, a tsunami memorial service is held on the beach, where visitors remember their friends and relatives who lost their lives in the tsunami.

Tips: The price of goods in Patong Beach is the most expensive, so try not to buy there, a few streets in the Patong Beach to the cheap prices, it is best to change money and buy good things in the main road RAT-U-THIT200PEERoad.

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