How to get to Phang Nga Ba

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About Phang Nga Ba

There is a natural river between the mangrove and the small fishing village, and it is a pleasure to paddle between the mangrove and the small fishing village. The average two people rent a rubber boat, about 45 minutes, you can tour all the caves in the bay. It is worth mentioning that you cannot visit Phang Nga Bay without visiting James Bond Island, which is famous for the movie “Iron Man vs. Golden Gun Island”. There is a secret passage that leads visitors from one end of the island to the other. The long-tailed boats here are unique to Thailand, with long hulls that seat two people in a row, about sixteen rows, similar to the small dragon boats in the Pearl River Delta.

There are many tour operators in Phuket who represent Phang Nga Bay on day or half-day tours – from 2in1 to 6in1, with prices ranging from 700-1200 baht; including visits to James Bond Island, fishing villages on the water, canoeing expeditions, kayaking, elephant rides, monkey watching and more.

How to get there

To get to Phang Nga, you cross the bridge to Phang Nga Province by car, and then take a long-tail boat or speedboat to 007 Island. The long-tailed boats are unique to Thailand, with a long row of about 16 rows that can seat two people each.


Phang Nga Bay is located 75 kilometers from the northeast corner of Phuket Island and belongs to Phang Nga Province, which is known as the “Little Guilin” of Thailand.

There are many small and large islands with strange rocks and changing scenery, which are called “wonders of the world”. Among them, James Bond Island, Iron Nail Island and Stalactite Island Cave are famous for their natural wonders.

The bay is dotted with precious placental mangroves, and there are hundreds of limestone islets with strange shapes, the names of which match their shapes perfectly. There are also ingenious stalactite caves and countless strange rocks and sea caves.

There are rivers between the mangroves and the small fishing villages, and boating has the mangroves and the small fishing villages at your leisure.

JamesBondIsland – originally known as TapuIsland – is mainly attracted by its sky-high reefs, Viking murals and stalactite caves from which you can walk through, with an access road leading you from one end of the island to the other.

A kayak for two people, 200B per person for 45 minutes, will take you through the caves of all sizes.

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