How to get to Mosquito Island,Koh Yung

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About Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island, also known as Koh Young, is an outlying island in the northern part of Grand Phi Phi Island. There are many mosquitoes on the island, so when traveling to Mosquito Island, make sure to put on good drops before you leave to avoid bites. To the east of Mosquito Island is a rocky shore with a beautiful small beach in the middle of the valley with clear water where you can see fish, coral reefs and sea cucumbers in about 4-5 meters of water depth.

How to get there

Ao Nang Mueang Krabi Krabi 81000


Mosquito Island has the most beautiful coral rocks in Phi Phi Island, where thousands of tourists come to lurk and relax every year. Moreover, Mosquito Island is close to Bamboo Island, so you can combine the tour with Bamboo Island and get two birds with one stone.

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