How to get to Karon Beach

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About Karon Beach

Karon is the second largest beach on Phuket, not as lively and noisy as Patong, but rather like a sea bathing beach. The bay that surrounds Karon Beach has little curvature, with a straight coastline of 3 kilometers, a large pine forest along the beach, and a wide hinterland that feels very relaxed. Only because of the wind and waves here, especially ferocious during the rainy season, it is not suitable for swimming, but only for activities on the beach. Umbrellas and loungers are available for rent at 50 baht a day.

There are many good resorts in the Karon area, and the shopping street is right next to the beach, making it convenient for shopping and dining. There is also a small supermarket nearby and many tour companies offering a variety of tourist products and diving activities, so there is a strong commercial atmosphere.


There are many small restaurants on Karon Beach that offer a variety of local cuisine and fresh seafood. If you can drive a few kilometers to the restaurants on the top of the island, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea.


The center of Karon’s nightlife is on LuangPohChuanRoad, where there are many bars along the way. “The café bar at NakonaiArtPlaza attracts many culture lovers. In the middle part of the road, there are many famous restaurants such as “BanglaPlaza”.

In addition, there are many seaside resort hotels in Karon Beach, all of which have their own piano bars.

Tip: Be careful when swimming on the beach in Karon between May and October every year, and always pay attention to the warning flags, because there are wind and waves during this period.

How to get there

The beach is twenty kilometers from the city and is adjacent to Patong Beach, which is ten minutes from Patong.

I’ve been trying to get from Town to Karon Beach or Kata Beach.

I used to take a cab (Bolt, inDrive), but now I heard that I can take a local bus (Songtaew) to Karon Beach and Kata Beach.

However, I heard that it is possible to take a local bus (songtaew) to Kata Beach and Karon Beach, so I decided to take it!

This article is a report on how it went.

The fare for the songtaew is only 40 baht. A cab to the same destination would cost 300 to 500 baht.

Although it takes longer than a cab, it is recommended for those who want to get around on the cheap and want to feel like a local.


Phuket Old Town to Karon 1 hr. 10 min.

Phuket Old Town to Kata: 1 hour and 20 minutes

*This may vary slightly depending on traffic conditions.

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