How to get to Children’s Discovery Museum

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About Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum, the first children’s museum in Thailand, aims to foster independence, mobility and creativity in children’s thinking, breaking the restrictions imposed by traditional museums of not being able to touch or feel, and encouraging children to be hands-on and hands-on, rather than viewing from a distance as a passive observer.

The Children’s Discovery Museum encourages children to find their own questions, seek answers, and explore a range of issues such as how the world works and how nature cycles. The museum’s exhibit rooms are spread over three buildings and are divided into eight exhibit rooms with 123 exhibits and activities, in addition to an outdoor teaching space. The first building consists of four displays centered around the body, soul and science, society and culture, and science and technology to get children interested in the wondrous world. The second building’s exhibition room focuses on the construction and maintenance of the forest in Queen Sirikit’s botanical garden, in addition to hands-on projects such as candle making and knitting. The third building focuses on the natural environment and tells about the colorful nature of the world, as well as seeing animals such as live fish, scorpions and rabbits.

The outdoor teaching space is dedicated to relaxation and play, where children can try their hand at being a carpenter to build a house and climb a 7-meter-high space net to exercise their boldness.

How to get there

The nearest station to the Children’s Museum is Mo Chit station, the last stop on the BTS.

It is less than a 10-minute walk, so I always walk from the station.


Open 10:00-16:00 Closed on Mondays

It is a long distance from Sukhumvit, so you cannot go there often, but I recommend it when you get bored at the nearby playgrounds.

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