How to get to National Museum of Royal Barge

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About National Museum of Royal Barge

Royal boats are one of the most beautiful sights in Thailand, that is, the royal boats are for the exclusive use of the royal family, and in order to preserve these historical relics, Thailand has set up the Royal Boat Museum to collect the royal boats from all dynasties.

Located near the Chao Phraya River, the Royal Royal Boat Museum is a museum reflecting Thai history and culture, with ornate, uniquely designed and finely crafted boats that were once used for military purposes and are now only used for royal and official occasions. The most beautiful and famous dragon boat in the museum is the Suphannahong, which belongs to the king’s exclusive use, and there are several other royal boats. Each of these boats is adorned with portraits from Thai mythology, including Garuda, Naga and Narayana, all of which have a pivotal and unique place in Thai mythology and can never be found anywhere else in the world.

The best time to see these magnificent royal boats is when the Royal Buddhist Festival is held, from July to October each year. Visitors can also take a direct boat tour to the museum, which is open daily from 8:30 to 16:30.

How to get there

Arun Anarin Road 24 (Arun Amarin Qiaowaki)


The easiest way to get there is by cab, but the exact location is on Arun Amarin Road running behind Sirirat Hospital, heading north, next to the Arun Amarin Bridge that crosses the Bangkok Noi Canal. It is about 300 meters along a very narrow local path, but you will not get lost because of the Royal Berge Museum sign.
The entrance fee is 30 Baht if you just want to visit the museum, 100 Baht if you want to take pictures, and 200 Baht if you want to shoot a video.

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National Museum of Royal Barges – Smart Museum

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