How to get to Snake Farm

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About Snake Farm

Visitors can see demonstrations of snake catching with bare hands, white rats feeding snakes, and snake venom extraction. At times, visitors can watch a skunk fight with a poisonous snake. Introduction

The Snake Park, formerly known as the Pasteur Institute, is located on Rama IV Road and is one of only two major venomous snake institutes in the world, also known as the “Snake Hospital”. It is unique in Southeast Asia and is known for its research on venomous snakes.

The staff collects venomous snakes and takes their venom to make anti-venom to treat patients who have been bitten by venomous snakes. Thailand is known as a treasure trove of venomous snakes and produces a very large number of them. The viper farm attached to the Institute houses a large number of live venomous snakes, thousands of which are kept in well-equipped glass rooms in different categories. Dozens of venomous snakes, such as cobras, pit vipers, red-headed snakes, golden-ringed snakes and silver-ringed snakes, are either coiled in rings sleeping and resting on the ground, or climbing on trees, standing tall and relaxed.

How to get there
  • Sam Yan – 4 minutes walk
  • Sala Daeng – 7 minutes walk

This is a place where you can get a huge amount of information about the many different species of snakes in the outside fenced area as well as inside.

There are two shows a day, one showing how to squeeze venom out of a snake and the other showing snake taming. You don’t actually have enough time to watch both shows in one day, so either choose the one you want to see or come back after visiting the rest of the place. We watched the snake tamer extracting venom from the snake.

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