How to get to Siriraj Medical Museum

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About Siriraj Medical Museum

The Siriraj Medical Museum, also known as the “Museum of Death” or “Museum of Dead Bodies”, is a museum attached to the Siriraj Hospital in Thailand. Visiting this museum requires a lot of courage, as it is too scary and overwhelming for the mentally challenged or those with an upset stomach.

The museum is a very successful living textbook with a wide range of exhibits for medical students and police academy cadets to visit. The museum is divided into six pavilions, namely the Forensic Medicine Pavilion, the Pathology Pavilion, the Parasite Pavilion, the Anatomy Pavilion, the Prehistory Pavilion and the History of Thai Medicine Pavilion. The forensic medicine pavilion displays the remains and photos of people killed in traffic and criminal accidents for forensic examination, and the anatomy pavilion contains not only specimens of the nervous system and digestive organs, but also dozens of remains soaked in formalin such as hydranencephaly and abnormal fetuses. The History of Thai Medicine Pavilion tells the history of traditional and official medical medicine in Thailand from ancient times to the present, and displays various types of medicines.

The pavilion exhibits intact bodies, as well as severed limbs and visceral specimens, which were donated by the deceased in suicides, accidents and executions. The most horrific and heartbreaking part of the museum is the large number of dead babies, most of which died due to heart and lung failure or failure to be born with two heads attached.

How to get there

Thai language “Pai Lompayavan Sirirarat” “ไปโรงพยาบาลศิริราช (ลงพิพิธภัณฑ์การแพทย์ศิริราช)”.
Express boat to Siriraj Hospital, a short walk from landing point No. 10, “Wang Lang (Siriraj)”, and a ferry boat from landing point No. 9, “Tha Chang”. Museum” signs are located throughout the hospital, but if you have trouble finding it, ask the security guard and he will point it out to you.


Admission material: 40B for one person

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