How to get to Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex

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About Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex

The East Bayeune-Khao Yai Mountain Forest Reserve spans 230 kilometers between Bayeun National Park on the eastern edge of Cambodia and Khao Yai Mountain National Park in the west. It is a rugged mountainous area from 100 meters to 1,351 meters high, with a total area of 615,500 hectares, of which 7,500 hectares are above 1,000 meters above sea level.

The northern part is formed by the convergence of several tributaries of the Mon River, itself a tributary of the Mekong River. To the south are many waterfalls, river valleys and the Prachinburi River, which is formed by the convergence of four streams. Home to more than 800 animal species, including 112 mammals, 392 birds and 200 reptiles and amphibians, it is of global importance to protect the world’s threatened and endangered mammals, birds and reptiles.

This region contains rich and important tropical forest ecosystems that provide vital survival conditions for endangered species such as tigers, elephants, leopard cats, and white-rumped bison. In addition to resident species, it is also a good habitat for migratory species, including the endangered spot-billed pelican and the more endangered great bald stork.

How to get there

Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong District,Nakhon Ratchasima 30130


Located in the mountainous region of eastern Thailand, this forest complex consists of four national parks (Khao Yai, Thap Laan, Paan Sidaa, and Tha Phraya) and the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary. Covering a total area of 2,168 square kilometers, it is one of the largest tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia and is home to a large number of plants and animals, including endangered species such as the Asian elephant and the white rhesus monkey. The area was registered as a World Heritage site in 2005.

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カオヤイ国立公園(正式名称:ドン・パヤーイェン・カオ・ヤイ森林群) | 【公式】タイ国政府観光庁
【公式】カオヤイ国立公園(正式名称:ドン・パヤーイェン・カオ・ヤイ森林群) Khao Yai National Park(Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex)。タイ国政府観光庁日本事務所が提供するタイ観光案内サイト。タイ国の基本情報や旅行の基礎知識の案内をはじめ、観光施設、宿泊施...

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