How to get to Sukhothai Historical Park

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About Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park, located in Sukhothai Province, opened in 1988 and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1991 as part of Sukhothai Historical Town and related historical towns, and thousands of tourists visit this beautiful park of historical significance every year.

Sukhothai Historical Park includes the remains of Sukhothai, the capital of the Sukhothai dynasty, covering an area of about 70 square kilometers with 193 ruins, all of which are surrounded by walls and moats, with 1,400 meters of east-west walls and 1,810 meters of north-south walls, with gates into the interior in the middle of each wall, and within the walls are the remaining palaces from the dynastic period, 26 temples, and a large number of ancient pagodas, Buddha statues The famous temples include Sisawath Temple, Mahathai Temple and Lapponthong Temple, which are very well preserved.

In addition to the remaining palaces and temples, the historical park also has a turquoise lake and sky-high trees. The park is very well landscaped with green grass and flowers, and where there are trees, there is shade.

How to get there

It is cheaper to travel from Sukhothai Point to Sukhothai Historical Park Point by bus than by airplane flight. Usually, long-distance buses are the cheapest means of transportation. Buses usually stop along the way to make it easier for passengers to use the restroom or eat. Tips for taking the bus: If possible, make sure to choose a premium bus as it will make the whole journey more comfortable.

These buses are usually equipped with air conditioning systems, adjustable soft seats, Wi-Fi, and on-board restrooms. As with airline tickets, it is also best to book your bus tickets in advance to ensure that you buy a better seat in a better location. When booking a bus, be aware that bus schedules may be delayed. However, it is still necessary to arrive at the bus stop at least 15 minutes in advance.

The easiest way to travel from Sukhothai Point to Sukhothai Historical Park Point is by cab. You can make your own travel route to any place you want to go. You can also choose the type and size of cab and select the most comfortable vehicle possible.


It is advisable to rent bicycles for touring the park. Bicycles are available for rent at the entrance of the park for 40 baht a day, and there is a 10 baht bicycle toll to enter each area. There are electric bicycles available in the central area, but you need to go to other areas by yourself.

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スコータイ歴史公園 | 【公式】タイ国政府観光庁
【公式】スコータイ歴史公園 Sukhothai Historical Park。タイ国政府観光庁日本事務所が提供するタイ観光案内サイト。タイ国の基本情報や旅行の基礎知識の案内をはじめ、観光施設、宿泊施設、グルメ、イベント、買い物施設検索などもできます。

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