How to get to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

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Chiang Mai
About San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Located in a small town in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, about 36 kilometers from Chiang Mai City, the San Kham Cook Hot Spring is surrounded by lush trees and green hills, with flowers of various colors scattered around the hot spring, making the environment extremely elegant. The hot spring covers an area of about 40 acres, making it an ideal place for vacation and relaxation, and is very popular among local citizens.

There are countless hot springs, large and small, and you can see steaming water gushing out of the ground at any time, some of which can be several meters high. The high sulfur content of the spring water is popular for its curative effects on a number of diseases, as well as for its ability to improve blood circulation. The local government has developed the area and built several hot spring pools for tourists to soak in. In the mountains and forests surrounded by greenery, the body soaks in the hot spring, as if every cell is greedily absorbing the nutrients of the hot spring, and the body relaxes while the soul is free to fly and enjoy the rare leisure and relaxation of the whole body and mind into nature.

In addition to the hot spring, the most popular recreational activity is picnicking. Sitting on the green grass surrounded by green hills and water and wild flowers, tasting delicious food with your family is also the best way to enjoy life.

How to get there

Baan Sahakon Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130


There is a large facility in the mountains about 40 km from the old city of Chiang Mai. There is a park and a hot spring pool, but we rented a private bath. One bungalow (bath, toilet, bedroom) costs 300THB per hour. To enter the spa facilities (inside the park), you also need to pay an entrance fee of 100THB at the gate first. Bath towel rental was 20THB. The hot springs have a strong sulfur smell and the temperature is quite high. You fill the bathtub with your own hot water, but I mistakenly filled it with too much high-temperature water and had a hard time getting the water to the right temperature. The bathtub fills up in no time because of the abundant amount of hot water. Hot spring eggs are 20THB. We took a rented scooter (10THB parking fee), but there seems to be a songtaew (yellow bus) from Waroros Market.

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