How to get to Chiang Mai Colorful Waterfall

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Chiang Mai
About Chiang Mai Colorful Waterfall

Chiang Mai Colorful Waterfall is located in the Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai and is a part of the Mae Taeng National Forest Park. The source of the waterfall is the Rainbow Spring (or Seven Colored Spring), which contains high amounts of calcium carbonate. When the water falls, the calcium is deposited on the rocks.

The calcium carbonate makes the surface of the rocks less slippery. Believe it or not, the rocks look smooth, but they are easy to walk on and there is absolutely no danger of slipping just by walking towards the falls. Even if someone poured cement down the rocks, it would harden underwater rather than solidify on the rocks. Bua Tong waterfall is a very worthwhile attraction to visit. But don’t just come for the waterfall, you should also check out the beautiful forest.

If you buy a ticket to Mae sa National Forest Park, you will be able to visit the colorful waterfall for free.

How to get there

Mae sa District, Chiang Mai


Summer Surf! Go to the colorful spring to feel a cool and childhood innocence!

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Only the locals know the summer resort, we take you to Chiang Mai.

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