How to get to Koh Samui Butterfly Garden

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Surat Thani
About Koh Samui Butterfly Garden

Samui Butterfly Garden is located in a valley in the southwest corner of Koh Samui, Surat Province. The natural ecological environment formed by the valley and streams makes it an excellent place for butterflies and other creatures to live. There are more than 30 kinds of butterflies of different colors living in the garden, and they become the genie of the garden and the most dynamic color of the garden.

The Samui Butterfly Garden has a butterfly release garden and a museum displaying insect specimens. The butterflies flying around the garden are a delight to the eyes, and visitors to the garden all coincidentally pick up their cameras to record the beautiful figures of the butterflies and capture their most beautiful moments. These eager butterflies will fly to you and even stop on your arm or shoulder, which is a way of welcoming visitors! The Insect Museum, on the other hand, showcases the species, living environment and habits of the butterflies and insects in the garden, allowing visitors to learn about all aspects of these lovely creatures.

December to March is the best time of the year to come to Samui Butterfly Garden to see butterflies, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

How to get there

C2F6+7RH, Tambon Na Mueang, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84140 


Yesterday, I visited Samui Butterfly Park. This park is not as big as I thought it would be. The entrance fee is 200 baht per person. Inside the park, we could only find 5 or 6 species of butterflies, maybe we came at a bad time and did not encounter their breeding season. Initially, we planned to visit the park for 2 hours, but in the end, we only spent about an hour.

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