How to get to Nai Yang Beach

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About Nai Yang Beach

As it is the location of the main part of Srinas National Marine Park, you can visit nearby. Things to see The longest coral reef and sea turtle spawning in Phuket. Introduction Nai Yang Beach is the longest beach on Phuket, with 10 km of coastline and a coral reef about 1.5 km long, with various fish species hidden between the huge reefs. Sea turtles laying eggs: Every year from November to February, sea turtles come here in groups to lay their eggs, making it one of the wonders of the beach. One of the interesting traditional activities during the Songkran Festival in April every year is the release of the hatched baby turtles into the sea.

Entertainment: Nai Yang Beach is also a popular place for locals and tourists who choose to have picnics on the beach on weekends.

Nai Yang International Marine Park Office: Operating hours: 8:00-16:30 Address: Thalang District Phuket 83140 Tel: (076) 327152 Transportation Located 30 kilometers north of downtown, closer to Phuket Airport and connected to Makalao Beach in the north.

How to get there

Nai Yang Beach is very close to Phuket International Airport, so you can watch the planes take off from Mai Khao Beach. This is so attractive that you can say, “I don’t mind the noise. To get to Nai Yang, turn left at the T-junction before the airport road and turn right on the way to Diwa Phuket. If you want to go to Sirinat Marine National Park, you will have to pay an entrance fee, but if you just want to go to Nai Yang, you do not have to go through the national park. The national park is long and narrow, and this area is quite narrow.


Since Nai Yang Beach is located next to Sirinat Marine National Park, locals come here on weekends for picnics, children play in the ocean, and adults relax in the shade of trees, drinking and eating. Admission to Sirinat Marine National Park is 40 baht, but sometimes you can drive straight into the park.

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