How to get to Amulet Market

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About Amulet Market

For many religious people, it has become the habit of every religious person to wear some religious objects as the spirits are around us to keep us safe at all times. Nowadays, many non-religious people also wear such things to pray for peace, so if you are also looking for an amulet, you need to visit an amulet market.

Amulet Market is located in Bangkok, Thailand, near the Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, facing the Maha Thai Temple, the market is the largest amulet market in Bangkok and is popular with tourists from home and abroad. The amulet market sells religious amulets, charms, magical treasures and traditional medicinal herbs in a wide variety of shapes and crafts. The market is open to the public every day and there is a constant flow of people every day because the amulets here have strange functions, some can bless children to pass exams, some can bless the birth of a healthy child, some can bless the safety of the family, some can turn bad luck, etc.

On Sundays, the amulet market also hosts a very interesting event where thousands of devotees gather in the market to look for Buddhist amulets that can bring good luck and ward off disasters.

How to get there

Amulet Market is located behind the Royal Palace from Bangkok Station (Krung Thep Station).

It takes about 15 minutes by cab, but since it is within walking distance from the three major temples, it is a good location to stop by while sightseeing.


Address 1 Sanam Phra, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Business hours Vary by store *Guideline 8:00-17:00

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