How to get to Warorot Market

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Chiang Mai
About Warorot Market

The best place to learn about the customs and lifestyle of a region is the local market, which has a long history and came into existence after trading was created. To learn about the customs and lifestyle of Chiang Mai, visit the Waro Loh Market, the largest traditional market in Chiang Mai, which is inseparable from people’s lives.

Located along the Mae Bin River and close to the Chiang Mai Night Market, the market sells a wide range of goods, including fruits and vegetables, clothing, shoes, electrical appliances, seafood, flowers, meat, cooked food, spices, condiments, cosmetics, jewelry, lacquerware, silk, handicrafts, and other items not found in other markets. The most crucial thing is that the prices of goods in the Valolo Market are reasonable and you can bargain with the vendors. The most delightful thing is to buy the most practical goods at the cheapest price.

In addition to the wide variety of goods, the market is a place where people of different colors, faces, and languages from all over the world come together to meet, integrate, and unite.

How to get there

The location is east of the old town, along the Ping River. It is about 1 km from Tha Phae Gate to Warolot Market.


You can’t get around the Wallorot market in one day!

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