How to get to Ao Ton Sai

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Phi Phi Island
About Ao Ton Sai

The wide Ton Sai Bay is the “transportation hub” of Phi Phi Island, with the island’s only pier located here; it is also the busiest “commercial area”, with stores and hotels lined up, bustling with activity from morning to night.

But there is no shortage of crystal white sandy beaches, dancing tropical coconut groves, and breathtaking turquoise waters. Those who like a lively atmosphere can find everything they need in Tonsai Bay, while those who like a quiet place will have to consider whether they should stay in a more isolated area.

Tip: Locals have a spicy taste, so if you don’t like spicy food, you should ask before ordering. Meals/Lodging/Buying From high-end sea view restaurants to roadside stalls and stalls, the best prices are for fresh seafood, which is simply grilled and cooked to perfection, and the prices are fair.

How to get there

The first stop on a typical visit to Phi Phi Island is Tonsai Bay, so there is no need to worry about transportation.

18 Moo, 2 Aonang, Muang, Railay, Krabi


This trip is to stay in Tonsai Bay, or recommended to stay here, otherwise to the Phi Phi Island hotel will have to pick up again a bit of trouble, here is very busy, life is relatively convenient.

At sunrise, Tonsai Bay, Phi Phi Island is not yet awake, only the sound of the waves, everything is so beautiful ~

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