How to get to Nang Ram Beach

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Chonburi /Pattaya
About Nang Ram Beach

Nang Ram Beach (หาดนางรำ) is located in the Sattahip group, about an hour drive from Pattaya (about 45 km away).

The five main features of Nang Ram Beach are as follows

90% of bathers are Thai
Good quality of water and sand (good enough to swim without hesitation)
Plenty of restaurants and eateries
Beach chairs and mats must be brought or rented.
Access by car (cab) only

How to get there

No public transportation other than cabs is in operation from the center of Pattaya to Nanlam Beach. Therefore, access to the beach is by either a private car, rental motorcycle, or grab taxi (usage). However, a one-way trip from central Pattaya (Pattaya Beach area) by grab cab will cost approximately 1,000 baht.


When it comes to swimming and sunbathing in the Pattaya area, there is no better beach than Koh Larn.

However, if you have been to Koh Larn many times, if you don’t like taking ferries, or if you want to go to a secluded beach where there are no foreigners, Koh Larn is the right beach for you.

Below is a map with the location of Nan Lam Beach.

Motorcycles can be rented in Pattaya for about 200 baht per day.

If you don’t have access to a private car or rented motorcycle, I honestly don’t recommend taking a grab cab to Nan Lam Beach.

It is certainly an irresistible place for local beach lovers, but if you ask me if it is worth spending the money to go there…it is not.

It is simply a beautiful beach with no foreigners.

I would rather go to Koh Larn for less money than to spend money on transportation to go to Nan Lam Beach. By far.

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