How to get to Phuket Orchid Farm

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About Phuket Orchid Farm

Established in 1975, Phuket Orchid Farm is the largest orchid farm in Phuket, with more than 1,500 hybrid orchids, many from Southeast Asia, with more than 30 years of cultivation experience.

The orchids in the garden are colorful and multi-colored, with red, yellow, purple and light pink intertwined into one, making it a world of orchids and a sea of flowers, and if you have the chance, you can see the orchids in full bloom with your own eyes. The orchid farm cultivates and sells orchids and also offers tours. There are three languages for introducing orchids, namely Thai, English and German. You can also learn about orchid cultivation techniques to ensure that the orchids you buy will survive and open.

How to get there

 67/1 ซอยสุขสันต์ 1 ถนนวิเศษ ราไวย์ เมืองภูเก็ต Phuket 83130 


I had no idea there was such a beautiful place on Phuket Island. For my flower control I really like it. I saw many kinds of orchids. Some of them are precious helmet orchids. It has one flower growing on a branch. It is medium in size and comes in several colors. Another one called Daihana e orchid is also quite beautiful!

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