How to get to Khao Phing Kan

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About Khao Phing Kan

007 Island, also known as James Bond Island, is located in Phang Nga Bay National Park in Phuket. The island was originally named Dapu Island, meaning “nail”, which is related to its shape, as it does not have a distinct coastline like other islands, but stands upright in the sea like a nail, hence its name.

The island was renamed James Bond Island because it was the setting for the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. This rocky island juts up directly from the sea, narrowed by the erosion of seawater at the bottom and wide and flat at the top, with a few green trees growing sparsely, which looks like a standing cabbage from a distance. It is indeed similar to the “jade cabbage” in the Forbidden City.

Many Chinese tourists visiting this place call it the “God’s Needle”, and when you think about it, there is indeed some truth to it, as thousands of years of wind erosion and sea invasion, it stands firm in the middle of the sea, how a word is.

How to get there

In addition to viewing James Bond Island from the boat, if you wish, you can also go ashore on Pinkan Island, which is next to James Bond Island. Believing the boatman’s words, “We’ll manage with 100 baht per person,” I gave the boatman the money for the number of people on the boat. (According to my later research, the entry fee for adults is probably 200 baht.)


The nearby Tapu Island has come to be known as James Bond Island. Tapu Island Tapu means “nail.” Nearby the island is Tapu Island, a strange 20-meter-high wave-cut limestone rock called a sea-eroded column. Due to its unique characteristics, it is said to collapse sooner or later.

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