How to get to Wat Phra Sing

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Chiang Mai
About Wat Phra Sing

Located in the western part of the old city of Chiang Mai, Pasin Temple is the largest and most interesting Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, which was built in 1345 and has been expanded several times to its present size.

The ancient trees and cypress trees in the temple. The first thing you see when you open the temple gate is a parking lot, across the parking lot, is the prayer hall, the front of the temple carved exquisite, very grand. To the right of the prayer hall is a sacred altar, the altar is built in the standard Thai style, very beautiful. To the left is the cloister, which has very exquisite and lifelike carvings on several pedestals.

Directly behind the prayer hall is the ordination hall, which is used for the ordination of young monks and other large events within the temple. Next to the ordination hall is a pagoda, parallel to the prayer hall, and next to the pagoda is an elaborate small prayer hall with subtle carvings that are worthy of careful viewing. The Water Festival is celebrated every year from April 13 to 15 in Thailand, and Pashin Temple is one of the main places where people celebrate the festival.

How to get there

Sri Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200


This temple is one of the most visited temples in Chiang Mai. Inside the main hall, three large golden Buddha images were seated.

Behind the main hall, there are two golden chedis. They were shining in the fierce sunlight that was pouring down on them. I looked at them carefully to see if they were covered with layers of gold leaf, but they were covered with a gold-plated tin plate.

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