How to get to Wat Chet Yot

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Chiang Mai
About Wat Chet Yot

Located in the northwestern part of Chiang Mai city, Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand, Chaiyot Temple is a well-known Buddhist temple and a pilgrimage destination for many snake people. Construction of the temple began in 1455 when the king sent his own monks to study in Bagan, Burma, and was influenced by the South Indian temple style, a replica of the South Indian Mahabodhi temple.

Unlike other gilded temples in Thailand, Chet Yot, meaning seven pagodas, refers to one of the most famous pagodas in the temple, with seven small pagodas on top of the base, and various idols sculpted at its roots. Chet Yot’s peeling walls and crumbling Buddhist reliefs give a good idea of its long history. In the courtyard of the temple there is an old Bodhi tree, which is said to have been planted by King Tilokara in 1455 to hold the 8th Buddhist Congress, and has been there for more than 500 years. 500 years, the Bodhi tree has been silently guarding this ancient temple, watching people come and go.

How to get there

Chang Phuak, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50300

It takes about 20 minutes from the old town by songteo or tuk-tuk.


The temple is located a little above the Mayer shopping center in the upper west part of the old town, a little far from the old town, so when I went there in the evening, I was able to relax inside the temple without seeing any people. The temple is a little bit far from the old town, so I could relax inside the temple without being bothered by people.

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