How to get to Siam Square

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About Siam Square

Every country has a shopping and entertainment center that is famous both at home and abroad, allowing tourists to shop with confidence and have fun. While China has its famous Wangfujing Street, Thailand’s Siam Square is just as lively and busy as China’s Wangfujing. The Thai movie “Love in Siam”, released in 2007, had several scenes filmed here, making Siam Square even more popular around the world.

Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment district located in Siam, Bangkok. Built in the 1970s, the square is connected to other shopping centers by overpasses, and is known as a shopping center and a popular tourist attraction for both domestic and international visitors. Siam Square is home to countless restaurants, record stores, cafes, bookstores, banks, schools, boutiques selling fashionable clothes, young students, office workers, and foreign tourists, and is affectionately known as the “Shinjuku District of Thailand”.

In the center of Siam Square, there is a stage for performances and small concerts, which is known as the meeting place of Bangkok’s young people and students.

How to get thereThis time we went out from Siam Station, Exit 6.

So, where is Siam Square? It is directly below Siam BTS station, facing south in direction, or the opposite side of Siam Paragon across the station. If you get off at Siam station, you can enter Siam Square from any exit of the station, so it is not difficult to find your way there.


Chulalongkorn University, one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities, began operating the shopping center in 1965, and although it started with only a few stores, the number of stores quickly grew and it is now the center of Bangkok’s downtown area. The site is located adjacent to Chulalongkorn University, and has been the focus of much attention since its development. The area is not very large, but the stores are densely packed with each other. The tenants change one after another, and the changing trends can be seen at a glance. On the other side of Siam BTS station, there is a famous department store district representing Bangkok.

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Siam Square is an area of shopping and entertainment in Bangkok, Thailand. The actual square is situated at the corner of Phayathai Road and Rama Fortsätt läsa

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