How to get to Bangkok National Museum

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About Bangkok National Museum

The National Museum of Bangkok was established by King Rama V and opened in 1874. It is the largest museum in Southeast Asia, focusing on the history and art of Thailand and collecting the largest collection of art and artifacts in the country. The museum is beautifully decorated in the Sukhothai dynasty style, with its chic architecture and blue sky, and the interior is extremely well decorated.

The museum displays important Thai historical artifacts and classical works of art, and Buddhist artifacts make up a large part of the collection, with statues of Buddha of various periods, shapes and sizes. The collection ranges from the Stone Age to contemporary dynasties, and is second only to the National Palace Museum in Taipei in Southeast Asia in terms of scale. The collection includes excavated artifacts from the Ban Chong culture, ash sculptures of the ancient Thonburi women’s band, the statue of Avalokiteshvara, known as the “Venus of Thailand,” the famous stone monuments of Sukhothai, ancient weapons, costumes, musical instruments, paintings, ceramics, colorful porcelain, and ivory carvings. The museum also has a collection of ancient weapons, costumes, musical instruments, paintings, ceramics, five-color porcelain, ivory carvings, gold lacquer cabinets, lacquerware, inlay paintings, royal weapons, royal cars and boats, royal household items, and various documents, puppets, and shadow puppets.

The corridor of the museum has also become an important exhibition area, placing a number of surviving elements of ancient architecture, wood and stone carvings and boats for visitors to admire as they walk around.

How to get there

The nearest station to the National Museum Bangkok is Sanamchai MRT station. It is about a 20-minute walk from there.


Admission to the National Museum of Bangkok is 200 baht.

A guide will be standing in front of the ticket booth.

Even if you are late due to traffic jam, the person in charge will wait for you in front of the ticket office until 9:45.

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